Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment


Rotator cuff injuries are a painful situation and the healing time will basically depend on the severity of the injury. Healing time may also depend on how quickly medical treatment is sought for the condition since delayed treatment can ultimately affect how well and fast the injury heals.

The rotator cuff injury is tendons that become separated from the acromion, which is the top of the shoulder joint. This results in inflammation however if the extent of the damage is not severe with care and rest of the area the injury can heal. The Rotator Cuff Injury Healing Time will take a matter of a few weeks healing time when there is a small to medium tear. Then specific exercises will be prescribed to help strengthen the injured area and recover the range of motion. The exercises are crucial to do as often as prescribe or some range of motion could be lost.

Large Rotator Cuff Tears

If the injury to a rotator cuff is a large tear rest and exercise will not be enough to heal the injury. In this case, surgery will be required to repair the damage. When this happens the healing, time will be longer and depending on the damage that occurred, and the severity of the surgery healing can take from three or four weeks to months. The other part of the healing to get the range of motion back will require physical therapy exercises to recover range of motion.

In the event surgery is necessary depending on the damage done to the rotator cuff one of three types of surgeries can be done:
• Arthroscopic Repair: This is the least invasive type of surgery since depending on the severity of the injury it can involve a 1 cm incision, though it can also include several of these small incisions to correct the damage.
• Mini-Open Repair: This is a surgery that depending on the damage it can be a one to five cm incision. It can also be a surgery used on patients with more than one tendon damaged.
• Open Surgery: This is a full type of surgery where the incision will be four to six cm long to repair the severe damage that has been done involving torn tendons.

The type of surgery that is right for damage done will be determined by the surgeon after reviewing X-rays and seeing the patient. This is important since not every torn tendon requires surgery since some minor injuries can heal without undergoing surgery.

Therapy Exercises

The exercises that will be prescribed either by the doctor for minor injuries or the physical therapist will be easy enough for anyone to do no matter their age or physical shape. The important part even though they are not strenuous they focus on the range of motion which is essential to continue moving the arm in the manner it has always moved at the shoulder. Some of the exercises can be done while sitting if the person doing them cannot stand for a short length of time and if weights are called for they will be only one or two-pound weights, so a can of soup or vegetables can take the place of the weight instead.

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