Main Allergy Office In Louisville, Kentucky

WELCOME to the website online of Richard A. Page M.D. who is board-licensed in each Health Maintenance allergy/medical immunology and pediatrics.

Every space of the state has its downside for allergy victims. The Gulf Coast will get pretty pollen-free breezes off the ocean, but the accompanying excessive humidity gives a perfect breeding setting for molds. And due to our temperate climate, no a part of Texas freezes laborious enough to kill molds. There’s nowhere in Texas freed from weed or grass pollens, which can travel on the wind for a minimum of 100 miles. Flee so far as El Paso and you will tickle your sinuses on the tumbleweed or the Russian thistle.

Your bedding, pillows, curtains and different family linens are the hottest hangout spots for mud mites. Considering we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, it is sensible that you just’d want to have a clean place to relaxation. Dust mites will not About Health be fans of frequent cleaning, and so they can’t survive a warm bath or drying cycle, so make sure that you’re using the hot setting in your washer when washing pillowcases, sheets, and blankets.

Nasal respiratory usually delivers 70% of airflow to the lungs. More than 20 million Americans undergo from nasal airway obstruction (NAO), which limits airflow by the nose with important quality of life consequences. Symptoms may include: Difficulty respiration at rest and/or whereas exercising, Reduced sleep time or sleep quality, Reduced daytime productivity. Click below to learn how Latera might help.

When vegetation and trees in the rest of the country are going dormant, Austin’s mountain cedar timber are simply getting warmed up. Also known as Ashe juniper (Juniperus ashei), no matter you call it, this tree produces the pollen from hell. On cool, sunny days, the trees actually seem to explode with pollen, sending distress-inflicting clouds all through Austin. Under a microscope, the cedar pollen appears like a tiny medieval mace, and that is precisely what it seems like inside your nostril. Even people who do not suffer from allergies the rest of the year typically catch cedar fever.” The allergic response caused by cedar pollen can generally feel identical to the flu, creating symptoms such as fatigue, severe complications, and body aches.

Did you already know: Allergic reactions to shellfish ship more meals-allergic people to hospital emergency rooms than every other food allergen. Shellfish are categorized in two teams: crustaceans (with an outer exoskeleton that you just crack or peel, like a crab) and mollusks (with a shell you open, like a clam). Most people who are allergic to one kind of shellfish are allergic to the opposite.

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