How to Make Radiology Services Less Scary for Children

The need for images in assisting the doctor to diagnose your child is necessary, although the child might be scared of the unknown procedure. Below are a few ways you can make this an easier, more bearable experience for you and your child.

Choose a Radiology Specialist That Is Friendly and Welcoming

Finding the right source of diagnostic imaging in New Jersey for children should start with the customer service you receive after arriving. You want a staff that is friendly and makes you and your child feel welcome from the start.

Explain to Your Child What Will Happen

You may not know everything involved, but take time to call and get a basic rundown of the process your child will undergo. Explain this to them in a way that lets them feel reassured that everything will be fine. Children do not have to understand every detail. If you are calm and explain there is no pain involved, they will generally feel better about the trip.

Pick a Radiology Center That Allows You to Stay With Your Child

Most small children will go into meltdown if the parent is not allowed to be nearby during any medical procedure or diagnostic. Many radiology centers are equipped to allow you to stay near your child during the imaging procedure. Check and make sure before you settle on the service you will use.

Provide Plenty of Hugs Afterwards

Children do not need to be bribed with candy or ice cream. Give them your undivided attention and lots of hugs afterward and they will be just fine. The memory of getting radiology testing will fade quickly.

Imaging diagnostics on small children can be difficult if they are completely unaware of what will happen, or they feel you will disappear. A few simple explanations and reassurances usually help alleviate their fears.

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