Easy Steps To Make Lumpia Roll!

There are many types of chinese food that take in another form in other country, the food are receiving many adaptation from the recepient culture and then become unique in specific country as food from chinese origin. One of the most famous food from chinese origin in Indonesia and philippines is Spring Roll called Lumpia. This food is a savory pastry made from thin wrapper called “Lumpia Wraper” enveloping with various fillings, from chopped vegetable, minced meat, and even combination of vegetable meat. Then, Lumpia are cooked in deep fried then served as a snack or even appetizer. Since cooking Lumpia is moderately easy, you can cook one on your home easily. Today, i will provide you a step by step guide on how to make lumpia in easy and simple ways!

First, you  will need to gather the ingredients. Since the ingredients for Lumpia could differ according to the variation of Lumpia, you may change the ingredients according to your need. However, for the basic lumpia, you will need:

–        1 Tablespoon vegetable oil  or Canola Oil

–        1 pound or 455 g ground beef

–        2 cloves garlic, you will need to crush the garlic properly

–        1 teaspoon or 2g of ground black pepper

–        1 teaspoon of salt

–        1 teaspoon of garlic powder

–        1 teaspoon of soy sauce

–        30 spring wrappers

–        And 2 cups of vegetable oil or canola oil for deep frying Lumpia


Then, if you plan to put meat as your Lumpia filling, then you will need to precooking the meat before you put them on Lumpia Wrapping. You will need to prepare one tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large skilet or you can use wok. Then, make sure to fry and cook ground beef in skillet or wook properly, make sure that you get an all around cooked until the meat is having brown color without any pink. Then, you should remove the skillet or wook from the stove and drain all the oil from the pan.

Put the meat away, and use the same pan to put the onion and garlic. Cook them for two minutes then you should add the green onions, cabbage, carrots and ground beef in the mixture. Otherwise, you can use different ingredients according to your preferences. Then, make sure to cook all of them and adding sprinkle peeper, salt, soy sauce, and garlic powder then stir until mixed up. Remove the pan from the heat and let them stay.

Then, get the Lumpia wrapper and place it down in hard surface such as plate or cutting board. Now, all you need to do is put the cooked ingredients on top of wrapper and roll them. Make sure to roll tight to keep the ingredient inside. Then, use water to seal the edge and wrap to create your roll. Now, all you need to do is deep fried your lumpia for about 2 minutes, drain the oil and you can serve your Lumpia Roll immediatelly.